About Us

Bitflux Communications Limited was incorporated in February 2014 as a Special Purpose Vehicle with a 2.3Ghz Wholesale Wireless Access Service License (WWASL), based on the WWASL, Bitflux is authorized to construct, maintain, operate and use a Network consisting of a Mobile Communication System, a Fixed Wireless Access Telecommunications System, or a combination of any of these systems comprising Radio or Satellite in the designated Licensed Areas, for the purpose of providing point to point or switched/un-switched point to multipoint Communications which conveys voice, data, video or any kind of Message. Bitflux is poised to provide the necessary infrastructure and wholesale broadband wireless access to Internet Service Providers (“ISP”) and other licensed operators.

We are first a wholesale broadband provider which means that we provide network infrastructure and bulk bandwidth allocation for ISPs who then go on to retail these services, another service we provide is Broadband last mile connectivity which is cheaper than fibre connectivity. Bitflux also operates on the advanced LTE based technology which is really quite unique because it can deliver extremely high internet speed to end users. Bitflux as a wholesale broadband provider is good news for Nigeria because it means that there is one company that can focus on performance, reliability and a very robust system.

One of the innovations Bitflux is bringing into the market is to change the way bandwidth is delivered and measured to customers. Rather than metering output by Gigabyte, we are focusing on speed and LTE broadband gives rich access with high speed on the go. With that, the Bitflux Mission which is the ‘dynamic provision of modernized and efficient broadband ecosystem to redefine lifestyle’ can be said to have been truly achieved.

We are providing the backbone infrastructure that will help push out content to the world whether it is entertainment, education, artificial intelligence, robotics engineering etc. Knowledge is increasing globally and Nigeria is playing a major role. Bitflux sees a huge opportunity in creating access that will enable adequate participation in the global ICT space.

As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Bitflux is involved in leadership development and management training programs. One of which is our Graduate Trainee Program; we employ newly qualified graduates who are then rigorously trained by rotation from one department to another for one year in preparation for the Job Market. Most of them are retained in the company.

Our Mission
Dynamic provision of modernized and efficient broadband ecosystem to redefine lifestyle.
Our Vision
Innovatively advance the frontiers of broadband experience.


Our Core Values

  • Accessibility


    Make ourselves accessible to all from every location in Nigeria.

  • Commitment


    Work diligently to serve customers. Be driven by an earnest belief in the Company’s mission.

  • Excellence


    Strive for the highest quality and continuous improvement.

  • Integrity


    Act with high moral principle. Adhere to the highest professional standards and maintain the trust and confidence of all parties.


Our Strenght

Bitflux's wireless broadband Long Term Evolution (“LTE”) network services would significantly deepen broadband penetration in the Nigerian market. The wholesale Wireless Access Broadband Service offers prepaid and postpaid products and services all powered by the nation’s most reliable 4G-LTE network

  • M2M Services.
  • Mobile Broadband.
  • Data & Connectivity.
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband.
  • Rich Communications (Music & Video).

Our Value Proposition

  • Last Mile Connectivity
  • Point –To - Multipoint
  • Wholesale Wireless Broadband Service
  • 98% Service availability.

Our Offerings

  • Voice Services (VoIP, VoLTE)
  • Video Services
  • Data & Connectivity
  • IV.  Machine to Machine Services (POS/ATM Connection)
  • Data & Connectivity (VPN)

Our Key customers

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) 100%
Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) 100%
Large Corporates 100%
Content Providers 100%


Why you should choose Us

Bitflux Wholesale offers the leading prepaid and postpaid products and services all powered by the nation’s most reliable 4G-LTE network.


With Bitflux Communications, mobile network operators and ISPs can:

  • Own Wireless Brand.
  • Provide 4G Broadband Services.
  • Provide an Exceptional Customer Experience.
  • Own Advanced Billing Platform.
  • Achieve Flexible System Integration.
  • Bring Your Devices, Our Network.